Monday, September 24, 2012

Fast Facts on False Teachings by, Ron Carlson & Ed Decker

           Fast Facts on False Teachings  -     
        By: Ron Carlson, Ed Decker

Fast Facts on False Teachings by Ron Carlson & Ed Decker.

I picked up this book more out of curiosity than to learn anything, but whether I wanted to learn or not, I did.
Fast Facts focuses on the major religions in today's world, gives a brief history on how they got started and points out any major flaws in some religions. Fast Facts is not only a great way to learn about what other people believe and why, but you just might learn something about your own religion that you did not know before.
Fast Facts is not a story, or purely entertainment, it is however a worth while book to read.
In Fast Facts you will read about: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Roman Catholicism just to name a few religions Ron and Ed write about.

I would highly recommend Fast Facts on False Teachings, it is a well written book, gets right to the point but gives enough details for you to understand or at least get a good idea about different religions.

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